CMJ – day five

After a full day of show-going yesterday, I was almost too tired to make it out to anything last night, but since I had bought my ticket to see Sin Fang Bous and múm months ago, I decided to soldier on. After all, they’re both from Iceland. A chance like this probably doesn’t come too often. I had been warned that it might be a bit sleepy, but I figured that after a long week, sleepy might not be so bad.

Mum - 1

the members of múm offer you a colorful kaleidoscope of sound - even on rainy days

While the show was definitely dreamy and ethereal, it was far from sleepy. I was impressed by how much múm moved the crowd. Every now and then a special kind of feeling permeates the room and elevates a good show to a great show. The members of múm were incredibly talented and gracious. You could tell they were genuinely having a good time, and that feeling was contagious. They danced and flitted about stage as they made their music. Note: the use of the word ‘made’ in the place of ‘play’ is significant here. Many bands with strange sound effects like múm have a tendency to be rather disappointing live because so much of their sound is contructed ahead of time and simply played from a laptop. This did not seem to be the case with múm. They truly were making the music right there on stage with the help of a number of strange instruments and an impressive range of vocals.

In addition to playing a number of my favorite songs from 2007’s Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy ( including: “Guilty Rocks,” “Marmalade Fire,” and “Blessed Brambles”), they played a healthy selection from their recent album Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know. The final song of their set (pre-encore) was “Sing Along,” which featured borderline cute/creep lyrics and cue cards to get the audience to sing along, too. Oh, múm, your last album may not be as strong as its predecessors, but “You are so beautiful to us, we want to lock you in our house,” too.

Here’s a video from Pitchfork TV of one of my favorite songs, “Guilty Rocks” :

So thanks, múm for helping CMJ end on a high note.


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