Creators Project Mahem

Creators Project  – June 26th – Milk Studios

I was overwhelmed even before I managed to get into the Creators Project festivities on Saturday. Though the event was free and open to the public, you had to officially register to get on the list, which I had neglected to do in time. Luckily, I only had to approach 3 people before I found my way in.

the line outside (Photo Mindy Bond)

He was walking away rapidly and trying desperately to pull the wristband over his fist.

Hey… can I have that?
-Yeah. I was hoping to find someone to give it to. It’s just too…
-Well, yeah, but there are just too many people.

And with that semi-ominous observation, I strolled into the building. Immediately upon entering, I was bombarded by a barrage of colors, sounds, and attractive people. The even space was massive – 8 floors of art installations, interactive computers, music, movies, and people. Within minutes, I was clutching a free cup of gelato (banana).

Oh, the colors! The Creators Project (Photo Brayden Olson)

Between the free food, water, booze, and culture, I felt like I was at a party for the privileged. The whole thing was absolutely insane. You could just stand around and things would happen. Suddenly, a screen would lift and a band would start playing. If you could die from being too hip, Intel (one of the major sponsors of the evening) would have to convert the studio space into a mausoleum. I kept waiting for the place to implode.

After catching a touch of Gang Gang Dance, we meandered over to check out the much-hyped duo Sleigh Bells – or we at least attempted to see Sleigh Bells. Unfortunately, thanks to the amount of fog-machine-polluted air and due to the sheer height of those present, I would have had to have been 8 feet tall with laser vision to see much of anything.

Sleigh Bells through the fog (Photo Mindy Bond)

Luckily, there was plenty to do, so we left the crowded and sweaty interior room and headed down to carve out a spot for Interpol. I admit I sort of missed the Interpol craze, but there’s no denying that the group put on a good show. Of course, it helps that they pretty much have a decade on the majority of the featured artists.

I was tempted to see M.I.A., but I left before the rabble rouser went on stage in all her multi-colored hair splendor. I had already purchased a ticket for Voxtrot for their last show, and the air conditioning at the Bowery Ballroom has never been more welcome.


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  1. 1 olivia June 30, 2010 at 8:37 am

    So this looked incredible, if you’re in London and sadly missed out, you’re in luck! The Creators Project is coming to LONDON and to blag yourself FREE tickets all you need to do it register here:

    It’s going to be just as crazy and I literally cannot wait!

    Also check out the latest Creator Tinchy Stryder, Star in the Hood bruv!

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