CMJ 2010 re-cap

Well CMJ is now a month behind us, but I admit my head is still reeling a bit from the whirlwind week of music, booze, schmooze, and serious sleep deprivation.  You can read all about my exploits in the archives of Brooklyn Vegan, but if you want just a snapshot of my week, I’ve compiled a helpful word cloud that pulls text from my myriad reviews.

It looks something like this…

(click the image to make it larger)

Oh yeah… and I actually recorded a bit of each show I saw – 44 total. (It should have been 45, but for some reason, I couldn’t locate any footage from the Extra Lens show. Sad. So that’s absent.)

So without further ado, here’s my crazy CMJ mash-up. It’s about 30 seconds from each band. (Don’t worry – I’ve gone back and added helpful tags for each bit, so you know what you’re listening to.) It’s a bit hectic with all the background noise and the varying levels of sound quality, but if anything, the reel is more true-to-life as a result. As with any big music festival, at CMJ, you get it all – good, bad, and everything in between.

That’s Alcoholic Faith Mission, Oh Land, Screaming Females, DOM, Yo La Tengo, Tape Deck Mountain, Cloud Nothing, Blair, Braids, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Wild Nothing, The Drums, Hedgehog, Sleepies, Allo Darlin’, The Blow, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Dent May, The Phantom Band, The Luyas, Lower Dens, S. Carey, Diamond Rings, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, Cotton Jones, Sarah Jaffe, Dinowalrus, Dream Diary, La Sera, Pepper Rabbit, The Crayon Fields, The Crocodiles, Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500, Jaill, Robbers on High Street, Tanlines, Dominant Legs, Braids (take two), Fake Problems, Lord Huron, Lia Ices, Big Troubles, Eternal Summers, Buke & Gass.


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"He considered music a liberating force: it liberated him from loneliness, introversion, the dust of the library; it opened the door of his body and allowed his soul to step out into the world to make friends."

- Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being


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