Laura Marling’s Experiments in “Awkwardness”

As I reported a few weeks ago, I managed to score a ticket to a special one-on-one show with Laura Marling (all right, so technically it was two-on-one, and it was just one song… but still!). You can read about my experience here on the All Songs Considered blog.

But what isn’t included in that post is the audio I took on site. As I tried to collect my own thoughts about the experience, I went around and interviewed a few people to hear what they had to say, and I thought I’d post that here.

My favorite response came from Riley Fields who went in shortly after me:

Then there was the more collected duo, Julia Ramsey and Ben Kupstas:

And finally, I sought out Jennifer Barckley who had never heard Marling’s music before:

To hear the song she performed for me, check out an earlier post.


1 Response to “Laura Marling’s Experiments in “Awkwardness””

  1. 1 ruan December 12, 2011 at 4:55 am

    Amazing! I wish I had the chance to have that exp.

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