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An overdue review

Standard Fare – Death By Audio – March 15 
Three-piece Sheffield band Standard Fare just played their first American show about a week ago at the Cake Shop. It’s strange to think that they came so far to play at venues like Cake Shop (1) and Death by Audio, but their sound fits these small DIY spaces well, and I suppose we were just stops on the way to SXSW in Austin anyway. 

Standard Fare

 Standard Fare exudes a humble kind of confidence. They play what may be classified as  garage rock, but with quite a bit of heart and a dash of twee and punk for good measure. The set-up is simple: just a guitar, a bass, and a drum kit, but their music is fresh and spirited. Take a listen to my current favorite song, “Philadelphia.”
The majority of the vocal responsibility falls on Emma Kupa, but Danny How occasionally joins in. The band’s lyrics cover the usual topics: love, heartbreak, growing up, and the lyrics are confessional and raw – to the extent that I felt like I was in a mumblecore movie where problems can be solved by gut-wrenching honesty… and a little bit of dancing.

 It’s rare that a show with no more than 30 people command an encore, but that’s just what happened on Sunday night. Ok. Enough of the clapping! they exclaimed before breaking into “Wow,” the final song on The Noyelle Beat, which just dropped on Tuesday. 

 hmm… this could really lead somewhere, Standard Fare.   

(1) Check out some sweet photos of the Standard Fare show at the Cake Shop on March 11th. 


"He considered music a liberating force: it liberated him from loneliness, introversion, the dust of the library; it opened the door of his body and allowed his soul to step out into the world to make friends."

- Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being